Autism New Jersey Public Policy

Autism New Jersey ensures that the needs of its constituents are addressed through meetings with legislators and government officials, testimony and written comments on pending initiatives and participation on committees and coalitions addressing topics such as: early intervention, special education, adult services and health insurance. 

We facilitate collaboration with government and private agencies to promote easier access to services. We also educate and advise elected and appointed officials on issues that impact the autism community.

FOCUS Through our Helpline 800.4.AUTISM, Autism New Jersey listens to the needs of the autism community. Informed by your calls, we selected the following public policy priorities:

Funding: Autism New Jersey leads advocacy efforts to increase the availability of funding of services for children and adults with autism. We work closely with advocates, service providers, insurance carriers, and state officials to ensure that medically necessary behavioral services are available to those in need.

Severe Challenging Behavior: Autism New Jersey is acutely aware of the service gap that exists for children and adults who experience challenging behavior. We are strongly advocating for a statewide adoption of an Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) treatment approach, an increase in existing program capacity, and helping families every step of the way.  

Fee-for-Service Transition: Autism New Jersey is actively monitoring the many challenges that exist for families and providers. We are pleased to be a member of the Fee-for-Service Oversight Board that will strive to ensure that availability, continuity, and quality of care are maintained throughout the transition.

Workforce Development: Autism New Jersey believes that the autism community should be served by qualified, competent, and fairly reimbursed Direct Support Professionals (DSPs) and behavior analysts. We are strongly advocating for a living wage for DSPs and advancing state recognition for Board Certified Behavior Analysts.

COLLABORATION We advance our priorities through collaboration with government and private agencies to promote easier access to services across the lifespan. We partner with parents and related organizations and welcome new opportunities to strengthen our connections.

ADVOCACY IN ACTION Autism New Jersey serves as a collective and influential voice in Trenton. We regularly meet with legislative and executive branch leaders, including Committee Chairs, Cabinet Officials, and autism-specific legislative champions, to help craft laws and regulations that provide more meaningful outcomes for individuals with autism.

For more information about our Public Policy efforts, contact:

Eric Eberman, M.S. Ed., Public Policy Director
609.588.8200 x34

Autism New Jersey’s Public Policy Department relies 100% on the support of our friends in the community for the financial means to support our advocacy and to implement our agenda. The value of this work is apparent and the benefit to the community is significant. You can help by supporting Autism New Jersey.

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