Conference “Hot Topic Meet-ups” Offer In-Depth Connections to Leaders in the Field

September 29, 2021

The Power of Connection is an invaluable part of the Autism New Jersey Annual Conference. Join us for 5 “Hot Topic Meet-ups”  exclusively for attendees during the first two weeks of our conference to facilitate discussions on leading topics with our expert presenters.

Each live, conversation-style meet-up, is a time for attendees to ask questions; share their successes, challenges, and resources; and network with each other.

You must be an attendee of our 39th Annual Conference to access these exclusive sessions.

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Hot Topic Meet-ups Schedule

Wednesday, 10/27/2021
10 to 11 am

Treatment of Severe Challenging Behavior

Jonathan Ivy, Ph.D., BCBA-D
The Pennsylvania State University - Harrisburg
Christina Simmons, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Rowan University

Dr. Ivy and Simmons will address questions related to advances in assessment and treatment of aggressive and self-injurious behavior, comprehensive safety planning, and advocating for effective services for individuals with ASD and severe challenging behavior.

Monday, 11/1/2021
7 to 8 pm

Autism and Law Enforcement

Gerald Turning, Jr.
Blue Bridge Training

Captain Turning will provide an overview surrounding the general climate in law enforcement for the disability community, offer helpful steps to establish a relationship with local police and first responders, and training first responders to properly interpret behavior common in autism.

Tuesday, 11/2/2021
2 to 3 pm

Race and Equity in Autism Services

Mawule Sevon, NCSP, BCBA
The Key Consulting Firm
Michael Hannon, Ph.D.
Montclair State University

Dr. Michael Hannon and Mawule Sevon will share their perspectives and experiences with the connection of race and autism impacting diagnosis, treatment access, affordability, and quality of care. They will provide tangible ways to increase racial awareness, equity, diversity, and inclusion into our autism community and behavioral work.

Thursday, 11/4/2021
7 to 8 pm

Special Education Law

Hillary Freeman, Esq.
Freeman Law Offices, LLC

Hillary Freeman will address parents' questions on special education law, guidance for pursuing compensatory education, and ways to address disputes with IEPs, behavioral intervention plans, and other supports to maximizing their child’s educational entitlement.

Friday, 11/5/2021
1 to 2 pm

Parent Education

Kate Fiske, Ph.D., BCBA-D
Rutgers University
Thomas Parry, M.S., M.Ed., BCBA, LBA, LMHC
Parry Behavioral Consulting, LLC
Kelsey Ruppel, Ph.D., BCBA, LABA
FTF Behavioral Consulting

Dr. Ruppel, Dr. Fiske, and Mr. Parry will discuss tips when training parents/caregivers on behavior change techniques, advice for long-term prevention rather than short-term avoidance of challenging behaviors, and effective communication and interpersonal skills with families during difficult conversations and situations.

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