Autism Information

Autism: Start Here
What Families Need to Know

This publication provides accurate and comprehensive information on what families need to know: autism, effective treatment, service providers, navigating state services, and more.

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Dos padres y hijaAutismo: Comience Aquí
Lo Que Las Familias Necesitan Saber

Fondos para imprimir esta publicación fueron generosamente proporcionados por una subvención de la Fundación Fred C. Rummel, que apoya los servicios médicos sin fín de lucros, los servicios humanos y las entidades educativas a través de New Jersey.

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Treatment Information

Applied Behavior Analysis and Autism: An IntroductionApplied Behavior Analysis and Autism (ABA):
An Introduction

This book is intended for parents and professionals who want an overview of ABA. Readers can expect a description or definition of the topic, examples from everyday settings, and references for further information.


position statementsPosition Statements

This document clarifies Autism New Jersey’s position on the treatment of autism, defines Autism New Jersey’s position on the dissemination of information, and describes Autism New Jersey’s point of view on the use of restrictive procedures.


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ABA fact sheetABA Fact Sheet

ABA is considered the gold standard for working with individuals with ASD. Learn more about the basic principles and strategies involved, finding qualified providers, and hallmarks of high-quality programs. The document was designed for both families and professionals.



Health Coverage/Insurance

two parents with daughterHealth Care Options for Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities: A Guide for Parents and Professionals

This guide was created for parents and professionals who need to understand health-coverage options for the treatment of autism, and other developmental disabilities. It describes different types of health-coverage plans, which federal and state laws apply to these types of plans, how those laws affect which benefits are covered and provides tips on accessing benefits.

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Autism and Health Insurance Benefits

When a child with autism is participating in various therapies, a parent often wonders if the therapies might be covered under their health plan. The answer depends on the type of plan and whether it is fully insured, self-funded, or neither. The following provides a basic overview of fully insured and self-funded plans, and can help you understand what to expect from your plan.



School-Related Information

Autism for Public School Administrators: What you need to Know

This publication is designed to provide those of you who are superintendents, principals, and special services directors with an increased understanding of students with autism spectrum disorder and their unique learning needs. Resources will also be provided to help identify evidence-based information, strategies, and resources to support your staff and maximize program effectiveness.


What to look for in a special education programWhat to Look for in a Special Education Program

Many students with Autism Spectrum Disorder can benefit from participation in special education programs that provide a high staff-to-student ratio and the systematic use of behavioral teaching methods. This brochure is designed to assist parents in evaluating the appropriateness of a given special program for their child. It is important to note that each child is different and has very specific educational needs. Parents should assess their child’s specific needs before visiting or selecting a program.



Information for Families

door opening to front yardElopement & Wandering: Your Guide to Safety Resources

Elopement is one of the most concerning challenging behaviors for individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Due to the growing prevalence of autism and the potential dangers associated with elopement, awareness about available resources is vital. This publication describes the scope of the problem and its effect on the individual and the family; provides information on identification products and tracking devices; and offers suggestions to improve elopement assessment and intervention.


father and son on bikesIndividualized Respite Care Guide: A Resource for Families and Professionals

This publication discusses how to create a solid team between the family and provider (whether a family member, friend, or professional) to most effectively interact with those with ASD, address any challenging behaviors, and keep everyone safe. Customizable forms are included so families can provide critical details about their loved one to the provider in advance and providers can summarize the respite experience for the families. This project was partially funded by an Autism Speaks Family Services Community Grant.

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Kids booklet on AutismKids Booklet on Autism for Siblings and Peers

This booklet is written for children to help them answer questions their friends might have and deal with emotions having a sibling with autism bring about. Includes notes for parents and teachers. Includes puzzles and activities to help kids learn how to spread awareness.

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Transition/Adult Information and Resources

Planning the Transition from School to Adult Life: Considerations for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Transition planning provides a framework for identifying long-range post-graduation goals, and the services and strategies that will help students make the shift from school to adult life. This booklet, authored by the attorneys of Hinkle, Fingles, Prior, and Fischer, introduces transition services, helps identify the appropriate time to begin the transition process, and offers key resources and planning tips to help navigate the adult service system.  (Currently out of stock; Publication on back order)

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map with thumbtack and a doorThe Journey to Community Housing with Supports: A Road Map for Individuals and Their Families in New Jersey

This guide provides easy-to-understand information, advice and guidance about community housing and supportive services. This housing guide was designed specifically for individuals with disabilities and their families with a concentration on those with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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map with thumbtack and doorThe Journey to Community Housing With Supports: A Companion Guide
Case Studies: Stories Shaping New Housing Opportunities

This booklet is a companion to our original housing guide. It offers candid stories of three case studies of people with different needs, opportunities, challenges and outcomes. Deb Wehrlen, consultant to this project, spent time interviewing those involved who generously shared their journeys. Each offer real insight into how the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Amid the practical advice, their hopes and dreams shine through showcasing not only how universal their quest is to live as independently as possible in neighborhoods of their choosing but also how much is possible with the right kind of supports

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El Recorrido para Acceder a la Vivienda en al Comunidad con ApoyoEl Recorrido para Acceder a la Vivienda en la Comunidad con Apoyo Una

Esta guía proporciona información, consejos y orientación fáciles de entender sobre vivienda comunitaria y servicios de apoyo. Esta guía de vivienda fue diseñada específicamente para personas con discapacidades y sus familias con una concentración en aquellos con discapacidades intelectuales y del desarrollo.

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Meeting the Needs of Adults with AutismMeeting the Needs of Adults with Autism: A Blueprint for the Future

This Autism New Jersey report highlights the need for a more coordinated and enhanced system of services and supports for adults with autism. Autism New Jersey pledged its support to work with the Legislature and the autism community to design a model program by developing a more cost-effective use of state and federal matching funds.

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