DDD Supports Program -- Enrollment and Rollout Continues

On July 1, 2015, the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) launched the Supports Program (part of DDD’s system reform) with the enrollment of its first group of individuals ("cohort 1").  As of February 2016, DDD announced that it will begin enrolling a second cohort of 275-300 individuals ("cohort 2:) over the next couple of months.   Additionally, DDD expects to begin enrolling 2016 graduates ("cohort 3") in the spring and will provide an updated announcement at that time. The Supports Program is one of two Medicaid waivers through which adults can access DDD-funded services. 

The Supports Program will provide needed supports and services for adult individuals, 21 and older, living with their families or in their own unlicensed homes. It has been designed to help New Jersey better serve adults with developmental disabilities, significantly reduce the number of individuals waiting for supports and services, and enhance the State’s ability to receive a federal “match” ($.50 on the dollar) for services that are currently funded via state-only funding.

Exclamation PointJUST RELEASED:  On March 14, 2016, DDD released the final version (3.0) of its Supports Program Policies & Procedures Manual. This manual contains the current policies and practices governing all aspects of the Supports Program in order to provide clarity on practices governing the Supports Program.


How do I access the Supports Program?

To be eligible to be enrolled on the Supports Program, an individual must:

  1. Be 21 years of age or older
  2. Be determined to meet the Division of Developmental Disabilities (DDD) functional criteria for service eligibility
  3. Be Medicaid eligible and maintain Medicaid eligibility
  4. Be assessed for level of need through the New Jersey Comprehensive Assessment Tool (NJCAT)

What services will be provided under the Supports Program?

Individuals and their families will have the flexibility to choose the options and opportunities for support services that will best meet their needs.

An individual’s services will be determined as part of a person-centered planning (PCP) process and documented in his/her individualized service plan (ISP).  (The PCP and ISP tools, are available on DDD's website under "FFS Tools/Forms.")  Services must be tied to an assessed area of need. The services available in the Supports Program include:

Assistive Technology
Behavioral Support
Career Planning
Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy
Community-Based Supports
Community Inclusion Services
Day Habilitation
Environmental Modifications
Fiscal Management Services
Goods & Services
Interpreter Services
Natural Supports Training
Occupational/Physical/Speech Therapies
Personal Emergency Response System
Prevocational Services
Support Coordination
Supported Employment – Individual
Supported Employment – Small Group
Supports Brokerage
Vehicle Modifications

How does the NJCAT affect my budget?

All individuals in the Supports Program will be assessed using the NJCAT and assigned an “up to” budget based on his/her assessed level of need. These levels of need are determined by the amount of support individuals require to do self-care, household and independent living activities. If the needs of individuals change after their budgets are assigned, they will be able to request a reassessment.  (A DDD webinar is available to learn more about the NJCAT.)

Each Supports Program participant will have a budget based on assessed level of need that is made up of three components:

  1. Administrative
  2. Employment/Day Services
  3. Individual/Family Supports

The Administrative portion of a participant’s budget will house only two services, Support Coordination (mandated for all participants) and the administrative cost for using a Fiscal Intermediary (based on the nature of service).  The budget range for Employment/Day Services has not been determined at this time, but it is anticipated that the budgets for Individual/Family Supports will range between $5,000- $15,000. 

For more information

To receive updated announcements directly from DDD, send an email to DDD.Communications@dhs.state.nj.us and include "Division Update Subscribe" in the subject line.   In addition, Live Supports Program Q&A Sessions are scheduled throughout February and March 2016.   Click here for more information and registration.

The Division of Developmental Disabilities website provides a list of Frequently Asked Questions about the Supports Program.

For more information about the Supports Program or any other questions, please feel free to contact Autism New Jersey at 800.4.AUTISM or information@autismnj.org


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Posted:  May 2015
Updated: February 2016
Updated:  March 15, 2016


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