Social Media Tool Kit

Pin, tweet, post or Instagram any of the images below using #AutismNJAmbassador. Simply right click on the image, save it to your computer, and use it on your social media sites. Add your personal story or message so your friends and followers know how much Autism Awareness means to you. Use the suggested tweets and Facebook posts throughout April to educate your friends, family and community. 



I love someone with autism. April is Autism Awareness Month. I’m making a difference as an #AutismNJAmbassador.

As an #AutismNJAmbassador I’m building acceptance in my community because I love someone with autism.

I love someone with autism. Help share the love by getting involved as an #AutismNJAmbassador to build acceptance and understanding in your community.



Autism awareness is the heart of acceptance. April is Autism Awareness Month; join me as an #AutismNJAmbassador.

Autism is more than stats and puzzles. Get to the heart of the matter as an #AutismNJAmbassador-Awareness leads to acceptance.

Autism Awareness is the Heart of Acceptance. Join me as an #AutismNJAmbassador to build acceptance and understanding in your community.



Keep Calm and Raise Autism Awareness! I’m proud to make a difference as an #AutismNJAmbassador.

Have you helped raise autism awareness this April? Tell us why you are an #AutismNJAmbassador. Learn more

Raising awareness about autism is super easy and can be lots of fun!  Check out these easy ideas and help me on my mission to make my community more accepting!

Ways To Give

5 Easy Ways to Spread the Word on Social Media

1. Facebook

  • Like Autism New Jersey's Page
  • Post a message of your own on Facebook
  • Like/Share Posts from Autism New Jersey
  • Link to an article...or this webpage (use the "Share this" Button at the top of the page)
  • Share a photo

2. Tweet About It

  • Tweet with us @autismnj
  • Try these hashtags:  #autismawareness #autismnjambassador #1in68

Instagram 3. Instagram
Pinterest 4. Pinterest

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so post one on on Instagram or Pinterest. Or post one of images we have in this tool kit.

5. Traditional, Offline Paper

  • Go "old school."  Download, print out and distribute our "State the Facts" Information Sheet.


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