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Each year, several events are organized by our supporters to benefit Autism New Jersey. To learn more about how you can plan your own event to support our efforts on behalf of the autism community in New Jersey, download our Community Event Guidelines & Form.  Questions?  Call Brynn Alberici at 609.588.8200 x21.

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Autism New Jersey's Fundraising Guidelines

Thank you for choosing to support Autism New Jersey by organizing a community fundraising event! Community support is key to our success and we recognize the efforts it takes from our supporters to organize and hold an event on our behalf. 

In order to help your event run more smoothly we have created the following community event guidelines for fundraising events held on behalf of Autism New Jersey. 

Autism New Jersey can provide:

  • A sample letter of solicitation.
  • Use of Autism New Jersey’s name when named as the beneficiary in your promotional materials (e.g. “The ABC Company Dress Down Day” Proceeds to Benefit Autism New Jersey).  Please list our name exactly as:  "Autism New Jersey"  
  • Autism New Jersey’s logo, with prior approval. 
  • Advice and expertise on event planning, based on staff availability and appropriateness. A fundraising handbook is also available with additional tips and information.
  • Event listing in our online Event Calendar and on our Fundraising Event webpage.
  • Limited supplies, such as information brochures, stickers and other promotional material.
  • Thank you letters to individual donors for tax purposes for donations of $50.00 or more when the organizer provides a complete list of individual donors including names, addresses and donation amounts. 
  • Attendance of an Autism New Jersey representative, when appropriate and available -- See policy

Community Event Policies:

  • Info Form:
    • Event hosts must complete and submit a Community Event Info Form no less than eight weeks prior to the proposed event date.
  • Cancellation:  
    • If the event is cancelled, please notify Christina Hoffman at 609.588.8200 x31 or at least two weeks prior to the event.
  • Solicitation:
    • Autism New Jersey is unable to provide donor or sponsor lists and cannot be involved with ticket sales or the solicitation of attendees, prizes or sponsors. This is the responsibility of the event organizer.
  • PR/Promotion:
    • Public relations and press coverage for the fundraiser are the responsibility of the organizer. 
    • If you’re planning on creating any materials to promote your event, please send a copy to for approval eight weeks before the proposed event date. All promotional materials must clearly state the percentage of proceeds and/or the portion of the ticket price that will benefit Autism New Jersey.
  • ANJ Representative:
    • If you are interested in having an Autism New Jersey representative attend your event, requests must be made using the Community Event Info Form a minimum of 8 weeks prior to the event. 
    • Autism New Jersey will make every effort to attend events and check presentations; however, we cannot guarantee all requests will be met due to limited staff and scheduled events.  Priority will be given to annual, established events. 
    • Additionally, if a representative is available, we cannot guarantee their attendance for more than 90 minutes.  The schedule/time needed should be included on the Community Event Info form.
  • Expenses:
    • Autism New Jersey cannot provide any funding or reimbursement for expenses. The event organizer is responsible for 100% of the costs incurred for producing a community fundraising event. This includes cost of advertising, venue, food, prizes, etc.
  • Insurance/Liability:
    • The event organizer is responsible for obtaining any required insurance and/or permits for their event.
      -Autism New Jersey is not liable for any injuries sustained during an event benefiting Autism New Jersey, and cannot assume any type of liability for your event.
  • Donor Lists:
    • Any individual or corporate donors acquired through the event may be added to Autism New Jersey’s donor mailing list.
  • Revenue:
    • All funds will be directed toward Autism New Jersey’s general operations unless otherwise discussed and approved in advance by the agency. Autism New Jersey must receive all net proceeds within 90 days of the event date.
    • One check is preferred, but Autism New Jersey can accept multiple checks.

To assist us with promotion and other aspects of your event, contact Christina Hoffman at Please send your Community Event Info Form to in as soon has you have the details of your event or 8 weeks prior to the date of the event.  

Thank you for your interest in helping Autism New Jersey and New Jersey’s autism community. We sincerely appreciate your efforts. 

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