COVID Vaccine Available Through Special Needs Partnership

March 16, 2021

With a shared commitment to the health and safety of our most vulnerable populations, Autism New Jersey and the Visiting Nurse Association of Central Jersey (VNACJ) Community Health Center have partnered to increase access to the COVID-19 vaccine to those eligible individuals with autism or I/DD who may need special accommodation.

About the partnership

Autism New Jersey has established a pre-registration screening form to help manage an allotment of special needs appointments for VNACJ’s Monmouth County Clinic located at the Bell Works facility in Holmdel.

For those with special needs, the clinic has made several accommodations that include:

  • designated parking
  • a special needs check-in station
  • limited wait times
  • special access to avoid public waiting areas

By pre-registering with Autism New Jersey, we intend to support VNACJ in identifying and accommodating those with autism and I/DD who may be facing barriers in obtaining an appointment or have concerns about the facility or the procedure itself.

Completing this pre-registration form will not guarantee you an appointment time with VNACJ. While more and more doses are becoming available each week, demand still outweighs supply.


This site administers the two-dose Moderna vaccine. Based on CDC and FDA recommendations the VNACJ CHC will not be giving Johnson and Johnson (Janssen) vaccine until further notice.

For those who have received J&J vaccine already: The risk of a serious problem is extremely low ( 6 out of 7 million). At the present time there are no recommendations for anything different to be done for those who have already been vaccinated. As always, those experiencing serious reactions should seek medical attention.

Who is eligible for this program

This pilot-project is designed for those with autism and I/DD who may need support or special accommodations to access the vaccine.

Only those ages 18 and up who meet the state’s current eligibility criteria  should apply.

We cannot offer appointments for caregivers at this time.

Pre-register now

Are you looking to schedule an appointment for a New Jersey resident who:

  • has autism or I/DD
  • is aged 18 or older
  • is in a current priority group.  (Note:  As of March 15th, those with a neurological condition, which includes autism, are eligible to be vaccinated. On April 5, individuals with I/DD become eligible.)
  • has special needs that would prevent them from obtaining the vaccination from a public site?  

Fill out our COVID-19 Vaccine Special Needs Pre-Registration Form.

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