Happy Mother's Day

In honor of this upcoming Mother’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to celebrate the hard work and dedication of all of our moms in the autism community. While being a mother of a child with autism can be immensely challenging, it can also be exceptionally rewarding. Each day this week, we will feature a different mother and share their stories and inspiration. We hope their experiences will inspire you, too!

Paying Tribute to Autism Moms


The Autism New Jersey Golf Committee has a long standing tradition, dating back more than a decade, to recognize the efforts of their wives and the other extraordinary “Autism Moms” at the golf outing banquet each year.   

Without fail, the "Mom's Presentation" is received with applause, tears and heartfelt appreciation as the banquet guests rise to their feet to pay tribute to their tireless efforts. 

As Mother's Day approaches, remember to show appreciation for the special "Autism Mom" in your life for the unconditional love and support they show each day.  


Danielle, Logan's Mom 


Logan makes me a better mom because he doesn't see his life through his disability.

If you asked him how his life is he would probably say "it's great!"

He gave me the ability to see life in its simplicity, and for that I am forever grateful to be his mom.

He also has a great big sister!  

(Pictured left:  Logan and his sister)

Bobbie, Alanna and Austin's Mom 


How can you not be inspired when watching triumph over obstacles… every… single… day. Alanna and Austin start each day with multiple hurdles in their way, an inability to communicate all their needs or thoughts but a desire to be understood, a steady stream of demands and orders from those around them, without understanding their purpose, and a society that has little place for those that don’t neatly fit in to what is deemed acceptable.

With all this, each morning I wake to, “Good Morning Mommy, Two handed hug please,” from Alanna in a gentle voice that exudes innocence I hope will always remain. Austin will exit his room, galloping to his computer, and stop briefly for a modified hug, and a request for me to get “paper” so that I can write down his daily list of activities.

I wait each day to hear how they did, and on good days I am flushed with relief. And on those days when it didn’t go so well, I am often crushed that we continue down this road looking to make it better. But regardless of how I feel, I must always think how they felt during these times – the disappointment in the struggles must be overwhelming. BUT, the absolute JOY when they’ve experienced or accomplished something new or unexpected – That is what keeps me inspired, knowing there are so many more of those moments to in their future.

Jennifer, Marc's Mom




Waking up to Marc saying "Good Morning, Mommy" every day inspire me to be the best mom possible. Those words are music to my ears and bring an immediate smile to my face.

Being a mom is the most rewarding job in the world, but being the mom of a special needs child takes this joy to another level. Marc has taught me patience, but above all, he's taught me to appreciate the small things in life.

His happiest days are when we watch the waves crash on the sand, splash in a pool, or take a walk along the boardwalk.

Seeing him smile makes me know that I'm doing things right.

Nakeishia, Philip's Mom




My child is my inspiration because I am in awe of how he "shatters" the perception that some have when classifying people with ASD.

Although I believe that people are better educated and more understanding of those that live with developmental disabilities, there are stigmas that remain attached to what a person with autism should "look like" and how they should interact in public.

My son, Philip, has always been eager to learn, very kind-hearted, jovial, friendly and loving. He is also growing into a very independent and hard-working young man that continues to show his family and friends that autism will not limit his ability to consistently challenge himself academically and socially.

He has taught me that we cannot place labels on anyone with disabilities because given the opportunity, these individuals can exceed all expectations. Philip continues to exceed mine and I am so proud of all his accomplishments and I am excited to see what his future will hold.

My family is so blessed to have him in our lives and I am eternally grateful to call him "my son."

Nakeishia is a MOM2MOM Peer Counselor.

Aimee, Joey’s Mom




Joey makes me a better mom because of his heart which is as big as his grin.

How blessed am I to have a son who has remained loving and kind in a world that is often quite the opposite? Beyond blessed.

I love to hear his laughter which is abundant in our house. It's easy to get caught up in the dreary picture of autism that the media often portrays. Look at our picture. Does it look dreary? No way. We are happy! We are silly!

His handwriting may always be terrible, his social interactions may always be a little odd, but his heart and his intentions are always good and that's what matters most.

Thank you Joey for exceeding my expectations and reminding me daily that "normal" is way overrated!

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