Autism Awareness: Be You


Use the resources below to enhance your autism awareness classroom activities:

Free Classroom Supplies

Bulletin Board Borders Awareness Pencil Kids Booklet on Autism Ribbon Coloring Sheet Ambassador Bookmark
Bulletin Board Borders Awareness Pencil Kids Booklet in Bulk Ribbon Coloring Page Bookmarks


Lesson Plans & Activities

Mini Lesson Plans Lesson Plans Grades K to 2 Lesson Plans Grade 3 to 6
Mini Lesson Plans Grades K to 2 Lesson Plans Grades 3 to 6 Lesson Plans


 Classroom Activities

  • Read an autism-related story to your students and have them participate in a short activity to reinforce concepts from the story. 
  • Ask the sibling of a student with autism to speak to your class about their experiences (with a parent’s permission).
  • Organize a buddy program that allows children with autism to connect with their typical peers.
  • Ask your students to come up with ways that they can spread autism awareness during April. Have the class vote on which idea to use, plan and execute.
  • Write a Fact-a-Day on the chalkboard in April.
  • Have your students participate in our new Bookmark Contest.

5 Minute Acceptance Activity

  1. Have students stand in a line
  2. Follow the leader and every time the leader stops
  • Younger grades: Tell the person standing behind them something they do well. This is a self-esteem builder that teaches kids to become aware of everyone’s different abilities. Mix it up by letting students find new places in line and a new leader each time.
  • Older grades: Roll a die or dice and that number person in line states a fact or something about autism awareness. Then they get to be the new leader.

Publication Downloads

Kids Booklet on Autism for Siblings and PeersKids Booklet on Autism
Written for children to help them answer questions their friends might have and deal with emotions having a sibling with autism bring about. Includes notes for parents and teachers. Includes puzzles and activities to help kids learn how to spread awareness. The new edition is illustrated by a sibling who is inspired by her sister who has autism.  Download for free>>


Autism for Public School AdministratorsAutism for Public School Administrators: What You Need to Know
This publication is designed to provide those of you who are superintendents, principals, and special services directors with an increased understanding of students with autism spectrum disorders and their unique learning needs. Download for free>>



Social Media Tools for Teachers

Show your love through social media! Simply right click on one of the images, save it to your computer and add it to your social media site to enhance your online awareness campaign. Use the images in addition to #AutismNJAmbassador throughout April and encourage your friends and family to share your posts.

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