Autism Awareness: Be You


Each year we are amazed at what our Junior Ambassadors accomplish. It is important that kids understand that it is OK to be different and ask questions. We encourage parents and educators to use the tools below to teach, play, read, and create acceptance to our most impressionable ambassadors.

Autism Awareness: BE YOU | Junior Ambassadors



Autism Awareness: BE YOU | Bookmark Contest

Enter our Bookmark Contest - The winning design will be used for the 2019 Autism Ambassador Program Bookmark! 30,000 will be printed and distributed throughout New Jersey.  

Sibling Connections are so important. Participate in our 2018 Sibling Essay Contest. Winning entries will be invited to read their essay at an Autism New Jersey event.




The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund and Children with Autism



It is amazing how quickly word travels in schools. Let’s give them something to talk about!

Tools for Teachers        Order a Free Kids Book

DECORATE:  Hang posters in your school to let everyone know April is Autism Awareness Month. Take it a step further: ask each grade to decorate a hallway or classroom door.

READ ALL ABOUT IT:  Choose a kid-friendly book to read to your class or a younger class and pass out Kids Booklets for fun Autism Awareness activities.

MAKE A FRIEND:  Invite a friend who is different than you to sit with you at lunch or play during recess. If you’re not sure who to ask or what the person likes, ask a teacher for some help. Older kids may want to check out this app that welcomes students to sit at an "ambassador's table."




The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund and Children with Autism



When it comes to awareness, we encourage you to think outside the box. Check out some of these ideas:

Kid Friendly Tools        A picture drawn by one of the members of "The Super 6", stating, "Always be a good friend."




The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund and Children with Autism



Money raised for Autism New Jersey directly helps individuals with autism in New Jersey, so let’s get started.

Order Free Tattoos     Kid Friendly Tools

Face painting fundraiser!

  • Ask teachers from each grade to volunteer to have their faces painted for Autism Awareness
  • Spread the word (make flyers!) to students that they can pay to see their favorite teacher “decorated.” $5 per design
  • Ask your art teacher to do the honors in the cafeteria where there is an audience!

Ink for Autism

  • Sell Autism Awareness temporary tattoos to students.
  • Pick a day everyone will come to school wearing their temporary ink. 
  • Take pictures!

The Catastrophic Illness in Children Relief Fund and Children with Autism

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