The House passed Republican legislation to repeal and replace Obamacare, a landmark vote on a bill that would affect health care for millions of Americans.The American Health Care Act, which passed on a 217-213 vote, now heads to the Senate, where Republicans have expressed deep reservations about it. But the vote is a big victory for President Donald Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan, and the closest Republicans have come to fulfilling their long-running pledge to overturn Obamacare.  Full article>>

Who Wins and Who Loses in the Latest G.O.P. Health Care Bill (New York Times)

The American Health Care Act, which narrowly won passage in the House on Thursday, could transform the nation’s health insurance system and create a new slate of winners and losers. 

While the Senate will probably demand changes, this bill, if it becomes law in its current form, will repeal and replace large portions of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare). It will change the rules and subsidies for people who buy their own insurance coverage, and make major cuts to the Medicaid program, which funds care for the poor and disabled.

Any sizable change in our complex health care system leaves some people and businesses better or worse off. For some, insurance will become more affordable — or their taxes will be lower. Others will lose out on financial support or health care coverage. You can see how you might be affected in our summary of winners and losers.  Full article>>