37th Annual Conference Call for Posters

Deadline July 15

Poster Session

Autism New Jersey’s Annual Conference is known for sharing the latest evidence-based information, so professionals and students are encouraged to submit research poster proposals to reach this target audience.

The poster session will be held on Thursday, October 17 from 12:20 to 1:20 pm, sponsored by the Association for Science in Autism Treatment.

Adult Research Poster Competition

We are proud to offer once again the Adult Research Poster Competition, sponsored by the Rutgers Graduate School of Applied and Professional Psychology. The winner will receive a $500 prize and have his/her name announced at the keynote. To be eligible, at least one study participant must be age 21 or older, and the completed poster file must be submitted. Please read this additional information on the competition.

Click here if you plan to submit a poster to the Adult Research Competition

Poster Eligibility


This competition exists to recognize and encourage the contribution of emerging researchers within the field of adult autism services. Senior researchers/faculty may be involved as a last author on poster submissions. Students at all levels (i.e., undergraduate, graduate, post-docs) are highly encouraged to participate. All first authors of submissions to this competition are expected to attend the 37th Annual Conference and be prepared to present their work. At least one study participant must be age 21 or older. Research must be autism-specific.

Poster Submission

Submission Requirements

Posters must display work that is current, completed, or published in the last two years. To enter the competition, participants must submit an abstract outlining their work in addition to the completed poster file by July 15.

Poster Judging

Judging Process

All judging will occur prior to the 2019 Autism New Jersey Conference. Practitioners and researchers with appropriate expertise related to the field of adult autism from various professional backgrounds will be selected to engage in a blind, peer review process in order to identify the winning poster.

Posters will be judged on:

  • significance of the research topic
  • contribution to the field of adult autism services and society
  • appropriateness of research design and methodology
  • coherence of the description of the results
  • organization, clarity, and aesthetics of the poster

Poster Session & Contest Requirements

Proposal Content

Read the following information before submitting your poster.

A committee of experts will review all proposals for their relevance to the autism community, content, quality, and clarity. Lead authors will be notified of their approval status by August 15.

Posters should include a brief literature review and a clear description of the research design, methods, results and conclusion. For research investigating the effects of an intervention, experimental control should be documented using single-subject, group, or other appropriate designs. Be sure to include graphed data with clear explanations. All research must be autism-specific.

Additional considerations:

  • Original and socially valid research
  • Relevant references from peer-reviewed literature
  • For experimental research, clearly defined independent and dependent variables
  • Appropriate measurement procedures, including interobserver agreement when applicable
  • Conclusions that do not surpass presented data
  • Layout is organized and easy to follow
  • Advantageous use of tables, graphs, and photographs
  • Ideas for future research or intervention

Only those posters eligible for the Adult Research Poster Competition will be judged. The winner will be notified by September 1. Posters related to other ages are welcomed for the general poster session but will not qualify for the competition.

Once Approved

Lead authors will be notified of their approval status by August 15.

Conference Registration

Register for the 37th Annual Conference before October 1. At least one author must be available for questions during the poster session.

  • 50% registration discount available for each lead author! To register and receive the discount after your poster has been approved, please complete a registration form (online registration is not available with this discount). Of the poster author, workshop presenter, and graduate student discount rates, only 1 may be taken. Contact Elissa Kapp at 609.588.8200 x10013 with registration questions.
  • Every author who will be onsite must register for the conference by October 1.


Bring a minimum of 100 that provide a summary of the poster and references.

Display options

Bring a poster with a foam/cardboard backing for display on an easel OR a paper version to pin to a portable tackboard.

Questions? Contact Stephanie Flamini, BCaBA at sflamini@autismnj.org or 609.588.8200 x10016


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