38th Annual Conference  |  October 15 & 16, 2020  |  Atlantic City, NJ

The Call for Papers is now open for 75-minute workshop proposals. Deadline: February 1. Sincere thanks to our presenters for donating their time.

All content must be autism-specific and will undergo a clinical review of any intervention discussed. Two-part sessions are an option. A maximum of 2 presenters per workshop are permitted (contact conference@autismnj.org if you wish to request a panel presentation). First-time presenters with Autism New Jersey may only submit one application and must include a letter of reference addressing presenting skills and expertise in the topic to be discussed.

About Our Attendees

This audience includes diverse professionals (the majority are school personnel and behavior analysts) and caregivers. Feedback stresses the need to focus on intervention and practical strategies as opposed to theory or background information. Social skills and challenging behavior are the most requested categories, and workshops on a specific skill or topic are preferable to overviews of broad concepts. Content may focus on a particular age group, subset of individuals, etc. and may address family or professional issues instead of intervention.

Before You Begin

Review the content you’ll need to submit before beginning; all of the questions and attachments are required for the CE boards and our event marketing. [Please note: that link is only for previewing the questions. The actual application starts when you click NEXT below.] If at any time you would like to save your form and complete it at a later date, please click the ‘save and continue’ button at the bottom of the form and follow the directions on the next screen. You will be provided with a link to access your unsubmitted proposal.


Feel free to contact Education & Training Director, Elizabeth Neumann, M.A., BCaBA to discuss a potential workshop or the conference in general. Email eneumann@autismnj.org or call 609.588.8200 x10045.


The Call for Papers for the 2020 Conference has closed. It will open for the 2021 conference next January. Contact Elizabeth Neumann, M.A., BCaBA at 609.588.8200 x10045 or eneumann@autismnj.org with any questions.