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A Beginner's Guide to April

Quick Links for National Autism Awareness Month

April has been designated national Autism Awareness Month and provides the perfect opportunity for individuals and organizations across the nation to educate their communities about autism. Autism New Jersey's "Autism Awareness Ambassador Program" enables individuals concerned about autism to raise awareness in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools and local communities.

It's never too late.  Here are some simple ways you can start the conversation and spread the word.

5 Easy Ways to Spread the Word:

1. Facebook

  • Like Autism New Jersey's Page
  • Post a message of your own on Facebook
  • Like/Share Posts from Autism New Jersey
  • Link to an article...or this webpage (use the "Share this" Button at the top of the page)
  • Share a photo

2. Tweet About It

  • Tweet with us @autismnj
  • Try these hashtags:  #autismawareness #autismnjambassador #1in88

Instagram 3. Instagram
Pinterest 4. Pinterest

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so post one on on Instagram or Pinterest

5. Traditional, Offline Paper

  • Go "old school."  Download, print out and distribute our "Autism 101" Fact Sheet.

What to Wear:

By wearing or displaying autism awareness apparel or accessories, you are showing the world autism is a cause that matters to you. The possibilities are endless:

By the Numbers -- 1 in ___:

It sometimes seems like there are a lot of numbers floating around about the prevalence of autism in the United States.  And the statistics seem to change all the time, including a new report released just last month.  The official number remains 1 in 88 children in the United States; 1 in 49 in New Jersey. 

During April, why don't we focus on the "one?"  Who is the person in your life that is affected by autism? Is it your son?  Your daughter?  Your student?  Your brother?  You?  Now is the time to share your personal story and tell others how autism affects you.

Click here for more info about prevalence rates.

Upcoming Events:

It's impossible to list all the events and activities that are being planned throughout the state.  Here are some notable links that can help:

Coming Together as a Community:

April is our month to shine and to show the world that we are united as a community.  We applaud the efforts of our fellow advocacy organizations (Autism Speaks, The Arc, POAC and FACES, to name just a few) and our members that are working towards the same goals: 

  • Creating communities that embrace and accept people with autism. 
  • Creating a greater understanding of the impact autism has on an individual and their families. 
  • Encouraging our goverment officials to recognize the need for quality programs and services to meet the needs of indiviuals with autism throughout the lifespan.

The Other 335 Days:

The month of April may put autism in the spotlight, but we know most of you live with it all year long.  We're here to help, 365 days of the year.

Ways To Give

Meet our 2013 Ambassadors of the Week:

Week 4: Mallory Banks of Scotch Plains, NJ
Week 3: Sherri Orenberg-Ruggieri of Edison, NJ and Rachel Ruggieri, Edison, NJ
Week 2: Wafiyyah Muhammad of Newark, NJ
Week 1: Michelle Ciano of Piscataway, NJ

 Read more.

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