Supporting Each Other: Start with Respect

March 20, 2020

Well, this isn’t exactly how we thought the weeks leading up to Autism Awareness Month would unfold. Our Associate Executive Director, Ellen Schisler, offers some thoughts on how we are approaching the weeks ahead.

Like all of you, we’re adjusting to this period of uncertainty. We continue to provide information and resources to families and service providers. We remain committed to supporting the autism community the best that we can.

The Power of Connection

We’re working hard to bring our community, neighbors and members together. Little did we know when we selected our tagline, “The Power of Connection,” how it would be tested one day. In this time of social distancing, connecting to others is indeed a powerful thing and something we shouldn’t take for granted.

If you know of a family in need or have a question or concern, please reach out to our Helpline at 800.4.AUTISM or We’ve also set up a place on our website to share service updates, resources and information (link below) and we’ll post resources to our social media pages as well.

Coronavirus Resources

Thank you for your support

Like many in the nonprofit sector, we’re bracing for the financial impact this disruption might have. A substantial portion of our donations that sustain our operations come via fundraising events and activities that normally occur throughout the month of April during Autism Awareness Month. Many of these have been postponed or cancelled.

We are so very appreciative of the efforts of these community fundraisers and our autism ambassadors, many of who are dedicated school teachers and hardworking small business owners. They work so hard to plan these events and get the important message of autism awareness and acceptance out to their communities.

We’re developing alternative plans, online resources, and creative ways to raise awareness and funds to support the efforts of our small, but dedicated, staff in helping the autism community during this time and well into the future. We should have new tools and resources on our Autism Ambassador Hub  soon.

If you find value in our services and the work we do, please consider making a donation, joining as a member, or just spreading the word about the work we do.

Donate    Membership

More importantly, support each other and take a cue from our Autism Awareness themes of the recent past – Start with Respect and Choose Kindness. Words to live by, especially today.

For now, please keep your distance, but stay connected with us! We’ll do the same.