Public Policy

Finding an appropriate community-based residential placement can be a long and difficult process.  Autism New Jersey recognizes this and has made housing one of its primary Public Policy objectives. In the last year, our efforts in this regard have focused on the Statewide Transition Plan (STP). In short, the STP is a DDD-proposed policy that has progressive and restrictive components. We are concerned about the restrictive components as they limit the choices and availability of residential options that individuals with autism and their families want and need.

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NJ Housing Resource Center

The NJ Housing Resource Center was developed as a one-stop internet tool to help families review residential options. This is a collaborative project between the NJ Division of Disability Services, Department of Community Affairs and the NJ Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency. As the waiting list for residential services through DDD is lengthy, families may want to explore all other housing options that exist in New Jersey. For more information on residential funding options, please visit the NJ Housing Resource Center website.

Referral Lists

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Housing Publications

The Journey to Community Housing with Supports: A Road Map for Individuals and Their Families in New Jersey

This guide provides easy-to-understand information, advice and guidance about community housing and supportive services.

The Journey to Community Housing with Supports
This housing guide was designed specifically for individuals with disabilities and their families with a concentration on those with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Download for free>>

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