Frequently Asked Questions


How much does it cost to attend the conference?

That depends on your membership level and whether you are a parent or professional. The organizational member rate applies to current employees of Autism New Jersey organization member agencies/districts whose memberships are current through October 31, 2017. Review our member directory to see if your organization is eligible for these discounts. Organization member rates cannot be used in online registration; you must submit a scanned or printed form. If you would like to become a member personally, please do so online and wait 48 hours for it to be processed in our system before logging onto the website to register at that rate. For questions about your membership, please contact Lindsay Bevan at or 609.588.8200 x48.  

Registration Rates

Parent Professional
One Day Two Day One Day Two Day
Organization Member n/a n/a $200 $350
ANJ Member $100 $175 $225 $400
Nonmember $175 $300 $275 $500


Do you have an overnight waiver from the Department of Education?
The Department of Education has again approved an overnight travel waiver for the Autism New Jersey Annual Conference. This means that districts can reimburse staff for their overnight travel expenses on Thursday, Oct. 19th if their commute exceeds 50 miles. Download the waiver>>

I am no longer able to attend. Can I get a refund or send someone in my place?
You may receive a full refund if you submit your request in writing by October 2 to Refunds will not be given after that date, but substitutions for those who qualify at the same rate will be accepted. 

I have to wait for board approval for my purchase order. Can I register now anyway?

Your registration is not considered complete until we receive a P.O. number. We encourage registrants to submit requests to the board as soon as possible to leave ample time for processing and approval and avoid the late fee for P.O.s dated after October 2.  Download a registration form>>

Do you take walk-in registrations at the conference center?
Yes. We prefer that you register in advance so that we can plan food and other logistics. For onsite registration, you must pay with cash, check, or credit card, or have a purchase order with you before you will be admitted to the conference. A $50 late fee applies for any registrations after October 2, including walk-ins.  


Having Trouble Selecting Workshops?
All are welcome to attend any session, but the following may be particularly helpful for caregivers or professionals who are new to autism:

Thursday workshops: K, A2, A3, B11, B12, B13, C21, C22, C24, C25

Friday workshops: D32, D34, E41, E42, F51, F52, F53, F55, G63, G64

Workshops are generally listed from most basic to most advanced within each session.

Contact Education & Training Director, Elizabeth Neumann, M.A., BCaBA at or 609.588.8200 x45 for further assistance in choosing workshops to meet your specific needs.

Purchase Orders

How can I pay with a purchase order?
If paying by a purchase order, it must be submitted with the registration form.  If the P.O. (or at least the P.O. number) is not submitted with the registration form, the form is considered incomplete and the person(s) will not be registered for the conference. The $50 late fee per person must be included in any P.O.s dated and/or received after Oct. 2.

Professional Development

Department of Education hours

I am a teacher (or other school personnel). How many professional development hours can I earn?

If you attend the keynotes and all workshop sessions, you will receive a certificate for 6 hours per day. There is no charge for DOE credits.

When will I get my certificate?

General attendance certificates (also good for DOE) will be available in the last workshop session each day. If you need to leave earlier, you may pick up an adjusted certificate at the registration area.

I teach in another state. Will I get credit for these hours?

Each state’s requirements may be different, so double-check with your state agency. Most, if not all, states should honor these hours through the New Jersey Department of Education. If in doubt, take a certificate!

Continuing Education credits

American Psychological Association, American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Behavior Analyst Certification Board®, and NJ Social Work Continuing Education Approval Collaborative

How many CE credits can I earn?

  • If you attend the keynote and all workshops which qualify for APA CE, you can earn 12 CE (each is worth 1.5). Fees apply.
  • If you attend ASHA-approved sessions for the keynote and all workshops, you can earn 1.0 ASHA CEUs (Various, Professional Area) (each is worth .1). Fees are covered by a sponsorship from PECS.
  • If you attend BACB-approved sessions for the keynote and all workshops, you can earn 12 Type 2 CEUs (each is worth 1.5). Fees apply.
  • If you attend SW-approved sessions for the keynote and all workshops, you can earn 10 CEUs (each is worth 1.25). Fees apply.

When will I get my certificate?

All paperwork must be submitted prior to leaving the conference. BACB documentation will be done through the CEUHelper app instead of paper.

  • APA and social work certificates will be emailed by November 30th if the dropbox is used. Credit card payments must be processed onsite, and certificates will be given at that time.
  • ASHA members will see their hours posted to their online account once we submit your paperwork and it is processed by ASHA. Expect 6-8 weeks for processing.
  • BCBAs will have their certificates emailed from CEUHelper as soon as payment is processed and documentation verified.

Can I wait until Friday to take care of the paperwork and payment for both days?


Can I pay in advance for my CE credits?

Yes! For 2017, we are piloting a flat fee payment option. If you wish to pay for your APA/BACB/social work credits with your registration, you may do so for a nonrefundable $50 fee per day, regardless of the number of credits you earn onsite. [All of the attendance and documentation rules must still be followed in order to earn credits, but no further payment will be due.] Contact Elizabeth at or 609.588.8200 x45 with any questions on prepayment.

If you prefer, you may instead pay $15 per workshop onsite as in past years. The fee is still waived for Silver and Gold level members. ASHA fees are again covered by a sponsorship from PECS.

I think my employer will pay for my CE credits. Can you bill me?

We can provide a receipt that you can submit to your employer for reimbursement if you choose to pay onsite, but payment must be submitted with your documentation before you leave. However, you may now pay for your CE credits with your registration, so both fees can be included on the same purchase order. See the registration form

I didn’t get signed in (or out) of the workshops, but I was there the whole time. Can I still get credit for that session?

No. With a conference this size, this is the only way we can verify workshop attendance. These are APA/ASHA/BACB/social work requirements we have to follow as terms of our approved provider status.

I arrived only ten minutes late and the ANJ representative wouldn’t sign me in. How can I still get credit?

APA, ASHA, the BACB, and the social work collaborative stipulate that you must be signed in prior to the workshop’s start time. We have to follow their rules to maintain our approved provider status.

This workshop is not what I expected, so I would like to leave early and attend another.

You are welcome to switch workshops, but if it is later than 5 minutes after the start time, you cannot earn CE credits for that session.

Are CE credits available for any other professions?

Please contact Stephanie Flamini at or 609.588.8200 x16 for further information or your needs of other professions, and we will see what we can do for 2018. For this year, we recommend that you take a general attendance certificate and see if you can earn a different type of credit for non-approved workshops.


When can I set up my exhibit?

From 5:00pm to 7:00pm on Wednesday, October 18 and 7:00am to 8:00am on Thursday, October 19.

New for 2017: Unload at the loading dock, and AEX Services will bring your items to your exhibit!

When can I break down my exhibit?

Exhibits should stay up until 3:00pm on Friday, October 20.

What is included in my exhibit space?

You will have an approximately 6’x9’ space with a 6’ table and one chair. Please remember that the exhibitor must sign in at registration to receive a name badge to be allowed on the 2nd floor. No one else is permitted at your exhibit who has not registered for the conference.

Is it safe to leave my exhibit up overnight?

While there is general security at Harrah's, neither Autism New Jersey nor Harrah's is liable for your items. If you have equipment you are concerned about, we will direct you to a room where you can lock your valuables overnight, or you may take them with you.

Will my booth have electricity?

Electricity is only available through purchase from Harrah’s. Contact Stephanie at or 609.588.8200 x16 for assistance.

Can we hang posters on the wall or extend beyond the 6’x9’ space?

No, sorry!

I am no longer able to exhibit. Can my fee be refunded?

Yes, if you notify us by September 1.

General Information

Is there a conference discount at any hotels?

Yes, Harrah's has provided 2 different options for the "Autism New Jersey Conference rate" (code SH10AU7). Basic and Waterfront Tower room rates both include free self-parking for 1 vehicle and free WiFi for 2 devices. The Basic rate (any room at Harrah’s) is $89/night. The Waterfront Tower rate is $109/night; these rooms are adjacent to the conference center and have been recently renovated. Call 888.516.2215 or Book your Harrah's room online>>

Do you validate parking at the conference center? 

Unfortunately, we are not able to do so. However, if you stay at Harrah's through our conference rate, Basic and Waterfront Tower options both include free self-parking for 1 vehicle. Approximate pricing is $10/day for self-parking and $15/day for valet.

Are meals included with registration?

Yes, a continental breakfast and boxed lunch will be available to each registrant each day. There will be a vegetarian option, but if you have other dietary needs, please make alternate arrangements. Kosher meals may be requested in advance from Elizabeth at or 609.588.8200 x45.

What is the address of the conference center?

777 Harrah's Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ 08401

If you require any specific accommodations to participate in the conference, please contact or 609.588.8200 x48 as soon as possible.


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