2018 Ambassador Program  |  Be You

2018 Ambassador Program  |  Autism Awareness: Be You

Autism Awareness: BE YOUAutism New Jersey's Ambassador Program enables individuals concerned about autism to raise awareness in their neighborhoods, workplaces, schools, and local communities during April, National Autism Awareness Month. 

New This Year

  • Access to supplies and materials: Registering to be an ambassador will grant you access to a catalog of free awareness supplies and our exclusive Ambassador Hub for information and materials.
  • Awareness Planner: Our new awareness planner is designed to keep your materials, activities, and notes organized.

Join us and be part of Autism New Jersey's cornerstone awareness campaign.

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NOTE: The term "Ambassador" is not an official appointment by Autism New Jersey; it is used to recognize individuals who volunteer to promote autism awareness in their communities using Autism New Jersey materials and ideas. Autism New Jersey requests that Ambassadors do not use their titles to promote personal interest or agendas unrelated to the Autism Awareness Ambassador Program.

PHOTO USE: By sharing photos with Autism New Jersey (social media, Ambassador Hub, sent via email) of my participation as an Autism New Jersey Ambassador, I hereby authorize Autism New Jersey to use my name, biography, and likeness in broadcast or distribution "via any medium" for the purpose of publicizing and promoting Autism New Jersey services and raising autism awareness.

Ways To Give

Visit the Ambassador Hub

The Autism Ambassador Hub is open! Our Hub is the heart of the awareness campaign and offers an extensive collection of ideas, supplies, and tools for your awareness activities.

Autism Awareness: BE YOU | Visit the Ambassador Hub

Autism Awareness: BE YOU | Visit the Ambassador Hub

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