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Get Involved in Public Policy

Autism New Jersey works to influence federal and state legislation and regulations in ways that benefits New Jerseyans with autism spectrum disorders (ASDs) of all ages.  We can educate you on how these laws and regulations affect your family and the entire community.  The more you know, the more you can help make a difference. 

Election Day and Voting

Your Vote Counts!  The most important way you can get involved in our public policy efforts is to exercise your right to vote!

Important Dates:

Tuesday, October 13:  Last day you can register to vote in the November 3rd General Election. Questions?   Visit the New Jersey Division of Elections for voting information.

Tuesday, November 3:  The general election for 80 seats in the General Assembly.  Visit the New Jersey Legislature to learn more about the legislative process and your current representatives.

Find your polling location.   

Election Resources and Links

Our friends at the Arc of New Jersey have produced a "Get Out The VOTE 2015" guide. It contains a number of key dates and instructions that outline how you can become a registered voter and where and how you can cast your vote. Click here for additional information.

Share your Story

What public policies would you like to see changed? Occasionally, Autism New Jersey will ask concerned individuals to advocate pending legislation.  Your personal story can make a difference, and Autism New Jersey can help you be heard.  There are multiple easy ways to get involved.   Email for more information.