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 Social Media Tool Kit

Autism New Jersey has put together a series of social media enhancements you can utilize during April. Update your cover and profile pictures to educate your friends about the importance of autism awareness. Use the badges on your time line and/or tweets to spread your message even further.  Encourage your friends, family and followers to share your posts.

Choose a theme and use the images, suggested tweets, posts and hash tags to create your own social media autism awareness campaign.

Autism Awareness: Know the Numbers



World Autism Day

is April 2


Keep Calm and Raise Autism Awareness



Text to Give






I'm a Teacher

I'm an Ambassador 

Ways To Give

5 Easy Ways to Spread the Word on Social Media

1. Facebook

  • Like Autism New Jersey's Page
  • Post a message of your own on Facebook
  • Like/Share Posts from Autism New Jersey
  • Link to an article...or this webpage (use the "Share this" Button at the top of the page)
  • Share a photo

2. Tweet About It

  • Tweet with us @autismnj
  • Try these hashtags:  #autismawareness #autismnjambassador #1in68

Instagram 3. Instagram
Pinterest 4. Pinterest

  • A picture is worth a thousand words, so post one on on Instagram or Pinterest. Or post one of images we have in this tool kit.

5. Traditional, Offline Paper

  • Go "old school."  Download, print out and distribute our "State the Facts" Information Sheet.