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2014-15 Autism Legislation

Recently-Enacted Legislation

You can search for the text of the bills and their status here:

Bus Safety

  • Requires autism training for bus drivers and aides – A1029/S274
    Signed into law 11/9/15.  Read more>>

Pending Legislation

You can search for the text of the bills and their status here:


  • ABLE Act (tax-free disability savings accounts) – S2770/A3956

Public Safety/Law Enforcement

  • Gold Alert (emergency alert system for adults with disabilities) – S2668/A4270
  • Increasing legal protections for adults with disabilities who are victims of bullying – S2940/A4531

Education/Teacher Training

  • Requires teacher preparation programs for instructional certificates with teachers of students with disabilities endorsements include credit hours in autism spectrum disorder – A2888/S1039World Autism Awareness Day - SJR69/AJR33

Key Committees

Legislation that affects the autism community is typically first heard in the following committees. Legislation must be voted “out of committee” prior to a vote by the full Senate and General Assembly. The Governor’s signature is then the final step to pass the legislation and enact it into law. 

Key Senate Committees:
Budget and Appropriations
Health, Human Services and Senior Citizens

Key Assembly Committee:
Financial Institutions and Insurance
Health and Senior Services
Housing and Community Development
Human Services
Women and Children